P.H.A. Gerritsma: Geophysical Training and Consultancy

With this site I like to draw your attention to the activities that I started in 1999 after 30 years of service with Shell (see Shell career) in geophysical research and development and in operations.

I offer the following services:

  1. Training

    Four courses are offered that are all related with seismic data processing:
    1. Digital Signal Processing Theory
    2. Seismic Data Processing
    3. Advanced Topics in Seismic Data Processing
    4. Business Applications in Seismic Data Processing
    5. 3D Seismic Survey Design and Quality Control
    The duration of each of these courses typically is 5 days.

    In addition to these 5-day courses I also offer two short courses:
    1. A Comprehensive Overview of Seismic Data Processing Steps (1-day)
    2. Migration and Velocity Model Building (2-day)
    The latter two courses are also part of the EAGE Short Courses Programme (SCP) and may also be organized via the Office of the EAGE: European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.
    For a description of these Short Courses see the website of the EAGE (- Education - Short Courses).

  2. Seismic Data Processing

    Design and execution of seismic data processing projects.
    Seismic data processing can be characterized by a sequence of steps, whereby for each step there are a number of alternative ways for its implementation. See overview of steps and alternative implementations.
    Note that these processing steps and their implementations are also the subject of the course Seismic Data Processing.

  3. Special Studies

    Design and execution of special studies for a variety of objectives; this often involves special seismic data acquisition and requires advanced processing methods. Examples of such studies are:
    1. 3D pre-stack (true-amplitude) depth migration and velocity model building and updating
    2. seismic-to-well matching, quantitative interpretation, lateral prediction
    3. seismic inversion: the translation of seismic to acoustic impedance sections and subsequent (probabilistic) interpretation
    4. AVO: (pre)processing, measurement, modelling and interpretation
    5. feasibility assessment, design and processing of 4D (time-lapse) seismic projects
    6. multi-component seismic: P- and S-wave attributes and images for lithology and/or fluid discrimination and anisotropy attributes for reservoir characterization
    7. acquisition and processing of data from VSP, hole-to-hole and ocean bottom cable (OBC) (multi-component) surveys
    Note that these topics are also extensively dealt with in the course Advanced Topics in Seismic Data Processing.
I am a lecturer at CTG (Center for Technical Geoscience) at the Delft University of Technology. I am represented with two courses in the educational program of the EAGE. I also teach regularly courses for national and international oil companies and service companies both as an independent teacher as well as on behalf of geoscience training alliances.

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